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Afloat Therapy

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Heal the body, calm the spirit and engage the full powers of the mind.

Floatation therapy tanks, also known as float tanks, float rooms/pods, isolation tanks or sensory deprivation chambers, now renamed R.E.S.T (restricted environment stimulation therapy), have been around for over 60 years. Floating is like taking an adventure into your inner mental and physical space. There is nothing else on Earth like floating, it is the deepest form of rest known. Free from the confines of gravity, the body and mind can begin healing at an accelerated rate.

The experience of silently drifting, buoyed up by warm super saturated Epsom salt water may be the most relaxing experience of your life. Whether you are looking to relieve chronic pain, improve sleep, lose weight, overcome phobias, reach the theta state of deep meditation, speed healing,improve athletic performance, overcome addictions, increase creativity and learning or just relax and release stress, floating is a gateway to a better you. (Please see the benefits pages on this site to understand how floating can do this for you).

There are many techniques that can allow us to get in touch with deepest parts of our minds and bodies. But you will not find a technique that more quickly and effortlessly can do so, than floating.

The floatation tank is a very special environment where concentrated relaxation can come about more easily than in ordinary life. Floating is not just about the experience that one has in the tank, but bringing the relaxed focus that one develops in the tank into every part of daily life. Floating is like hitting the reset button on your life, learning how to truly let go and relax, which has become so difficult in our busy society. Many people claim that they never truly knew what real relaxation was until they floated. Floating is a powerful tool we can use to heal ourselves, push our limits mentally and physically and ultimately engage more fully in our lives. Come float with us!

Please call us or see our schedule to book a float.