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Barbara Mashburn Interior Design

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With over fifteen years of design work, in the trenches business experience and raising a family, her approach is radically different.  Barbara appreciates and shares with clients, that interior design is all about embracing the change and moment-to-moment choices and not about spending lots of hard earned cash or trends.  Good design is for everyone, every day.  It’s how we should we live in our homes.

Barbara is known for eclectic design and powerful fusion of bright color, interesting textures, and vivacious patterns.  She works with trusted local professionals in the construction and design field to create spaces that reflect the owner’s lifestyle and needs that are lasting in a modern world.  Portland’s Pittock Mansion Museum has partnered with Barbara to create dazzling Holiday show house rooms in the midst of winter, she created Pop-up shops, showrooms for new Brands, and outfitted private residences that enjoy the coastal lifestyle with flair.